History of the Alaska Dog Works Logo

Alaska Dog Works logo

People tell us all the time that we have a cool logo that represents Alaska.

Many years ago, when we were in Denver we started using a version of the paw logo with a picture of the majestic Colorado mountains in the background and when we moved to Alaska we knew we wanted to use the same paw print but give it a uniquely Alaskan flair.

At first, we used a picture of a big brown bear and we used that for a few years.

Then Robert ran a sled dog race, called the Goose Bay 150. It was a brutally cold run on the old Iditarod trail and up the river to a checkpoint at Ynetna Station. After he was done with his dog chores he did what he usually does and pulls parka over his head and tries to get a few minutes of sleep. Usually, the checkpoint has a tent for the mushers use to get warm and dry out but Robert likes to sleep with his team.

On this race, Robert woke up to his dog team singing and the other teams around him quickly joined in the chorus.

When we worked up it was about 3 am and his parka was covered in a blanket of fresh snow. He shook it off and looked up and saw the most magnificent northern lights show he had ever seen.

He thought to himself, what a life we live with our company of dogs and have the joy of experiencing this magnificent display overhead.

Robert immediately had the perfect backdrop for his paw print logo and a way to incorporate what we do at Alaska Dog Works, our love for Alaska, and the relationship we have with our dogs.

Did you know that our community of Willow, Alaska suffered through two major wildfires since we opened in 2010? During this time we tried our best to do what we could and help out those affected in our area and we released a special paw print logo to show our support during those difficult times. it was the only time we have used a different version of our logo in more than six years.

In 2020, we trademarked our business name, Dog Works Training Company, and registered our logos and other graphics with the USPTO’s Trademark office. If you are a business owner we encourage you to do this as well. Soon all of our logos will carry the little ® symbol too.

Even though our logo has a cool story it also is our identity as a company and one of our most important assets.

If you would like a free sticker, please contact us and we will send one your way!

Now you know the story behind the Alaska Dog Works logo.

Here is the history of our logos over the past decade:

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