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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In fact, we have been doing it for years. You don’t always need a dog trainer to hold the leash or even handle your puppy. What you need most is very specific and easy to follow instructions on what you can do to quickly get improved behavior.

No! You can be located anywhere in the world and we are able to help you. Lessons are given in English. 

Although the vast majority of our clients are very happy with their results, we cannot issue a guarantee apart from our obligation to be there when you need us which includes our Pack Sessions. That’s because every dog is affected by environment, health and genetics which we cannot control. It helps if you are diligent and have a bit of aptitude for the work. If you are physically outmatched by your dog, you might ask a family member or friend to do the more physical work for you. There are always risks to training dogs. You could fall or be knocked down, even in your own home. You assume all risk associated with training your dog.

Because we are supplying you with very clear instructions most people will not have urgent need to ask questions between lessons. We recommend you keep a notebook or training journal and jot your questions down so we can answer them in the first few minutes of your next lesson. However, if you believe you have a critical need to discuss questions prior to your next regular lesson, you may request a 30-minute Q&A appointment.

Yes, we can do that at the beginning of a lesson, but we recommend keeping it brief so we don’t eat substantially into the lesson. Or we can do that in a paid Q&A appointment if you wish to book one of those, but that is not usually needed.

No. We will be working closely with you to teach you all the concepts and exercises you need to successfully train your dog with our personalized coaching and assistance.

A core concept in our programs are a feature that we call Pack Session which are held weekly on Zoom and you can attend anytime and ask questions and learn from other dog trainers in the program.